Unique Grand Piano by Bent Helweg-Moller
 made 15-11-1929

Unique grand piano of mahogany designed by renowned architect Bent Helweg-Moller and made by Denmark's leading piano maker in 1929. On four legged frame with brass shoes. Seven octaves, mounted with sheet holder and brass lamp with up-light, light cord runs through corpus ending below. Series no. 4426. Made by Andreas Christensen. Measures: L. 200 cm. W. 155 cm. Signed 15-11-1929.

In the period circa 1920-1930 Bent Helweg-Møller was a popular and recognized architect. He was responsible for the construction, reconstruction and restoration of several large public and private projects, which often included complete interiors. His work, which incorporated decorative elements, pointed towards a continental European style we today know as Art Deco. He was responsible for the Danish Pavillion at the 1922 Rio de Janerio World Exhibition and the pavillion of Royal Copenhagen at the 1925 Paris World Exhibition. He also had a lasting cooperation with Factory Owner Peter F. S. Heering, constructing their "liqueur" pavillion at Tivoli gardens and later the extensive reconstruction of the seventeenth century palace "Heerings Gård". Here he developed his own style mixing modernity with decorative elements. He also constructed and decorated the headquarter of newspaper company Berlingske Hus and a number of private villas in the same period.

Length: 200 cm
Width: 155 cm