N O Moller 1955 Small Dining Table
• made 1955 - 1969


First designed in 1955 by Niels Otto Moller in a size of 150x100cm, this smaller size of 130x90cm was introduced in the 1960s and made until 1969 with a round metal JL Moller label. The dark rosewood pattern indicates this is an early 1960s piece.

With a length of 130cm, this table is intended to seat 2 chairs either side for 4 seats daily without chairs on the ends. With the extensions leaves pulled out, one can add one seat on each end 183cm and 236cm, giving space of 5 or 6 seats, respectively.

Height: 74 cm
Length: 130 cm
Width: 90 cm
Extended Length: 183/236 cm