PD 60 Dining Table in Solid Zebrano
• made 2014

Paere Dansk's PD60 model is made without an ounce of metal - no screws, nails, steel stiffeners or supports. Relying on the tensile strength of solid wood, the PD60 can be made in any length with the size of a tree being the only constraint. 

As proof of this, Paere Dansk now offers a PD60 table made of solid zebrano that measures 465cm longand 135cm wide. The pictures speak for themselves. 

Also available in smaller sizes, as below.

Height: 72 cm
Length: 170/220/270/300/465 cm
Width: 90/95/100/110/135 cm

£ 10,600/11,260/11,986/12,785/39,900.